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The Power of Publicity with Christina Lenkowski

December 15, 2022 Ana Patricia Bourgeois Season 2 Episode 100
The Powerful Female Leaders Podcast
The Power of Publicity with Christina Lenkowski
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Show Notes

Since its founding in early 2020, Publicity by Christina has built up a reputation as one of the best podcast publicity agencies in the online business space - with top-notch bookings to back it up. Spanning all kinds of industries from entrepreneurship to health and wellness to spirituality, Christina and her team have booked their clients on over 250 podcasts including Get Paid with Claire Pelletreau, Fully Free with Taylor Lee, The Copywriter Club, Life After Sugar, and many, many more. 

After 15 years spent working for various marketing & PR agencies, when PxC Founder Christina Lenkowski began this company she knew she would do things differently - she’d have guarantees, pitches would never become generic, and she would be focused on raising the voices of historically under-recognized business leaders (for her, that includes women, members of the LGBTQ & BIPOC communities, and neurodiverse entrepreneurs). 

In this episode, we discussed how Christina started in PR and how she used her marketing and publicity skills to get featured in podcasts, how podcast guesting changed her business, the elements of a great podcast pitch, why it’s important to Christina to represent the under-recognized business leaders and SO much more! Follow Christina at @publicityxchristina

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